Helsinki Airport is now available for MSFS, coming from MK-STUDIOS

MK-STUDIOS is out again with its second MSFS airport for Finland in less than a week. After the launch of the smaller Rovaniemi Airport last week, MK-STUDIOS have released today their recreation of Helsinki Airport (EFHK), the largest airport in Finland and also one of the busiest in the entire Nordic region.

With more than 20 million passengers served per year, around 90% of whom are handled by international flights, Helsinki Airport is the main international gateway to Finland. It’s located near Helsinki, the capital city of the country.

Once again, MK-STUDIOS looks to provide a detailed and realistic airport. With that in mind, the developers recreated Helsinki Airport with high-resolution PBR textures, improved aerial imagery for the entire airport, better elevation data for an accurate runway profile, and more.

EFHK Helsinki Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at €14,55 | £12.40 | $16.42.

MK-STUDIOS has been quite active developing for MSFS, with a number of notable releases that range from the Nordic countries, as we saw this week with two releases in Finland, all the way to southern Europe, with a couple of Portuguese airports as well (Porto and Ponta Delgada).

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 7

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 6

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 5

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 4

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 3

Helsinki AIrport MSFS 2

Main Features

  • Helsinki Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition 4k textures with PBR
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • High-resolution terrain mesh
  • Runway elevation profiles
  • Simplified terminal interior
  • Airport surrounding buildings