MK-Studios releases Rovaniemi Airport for MSFS, Santa Claus’ home

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Time to visit Santa Claus in Finland and steal all the presents! The quickest way to do that is to take your fastest plane and set course to Rovaniemi Airport, in Finland, which sits just by the Santa Claus Village. Before going out on that mission in the real world, you can now practice this risky operation in the comfort of your home, thanks to MK-Studios, who just released their recreation of this Christmassy airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport happens to be the third busiest in Finland, but it’s most famous for being the closest airport to the Christmas wonderland everyone knows from popular culture. Many Christmas-themed activities can be found here, such as Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, which makes this the most popular season in this region. Because of that, Rovaniemen gets many flights this month from airlines such as Aer Lingus, Air France, EasyJet, Edelweiss Air, Enter Air, Eurowings, Jet2, LOT, Transavia, TUI, and more.

Another curious fact about this airport is that the Arctic Circle actually crosses it near the northern end of the runway, which means you can barely see the sun this time of the year.

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 7

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 5

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 4

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 3

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 2

EFRO Rovaniemen Airport MSFS 1

Rovaniemi Airport comes just at the right time, which shows MK-Studios is paying attention to the timing of its releases. For this new scenery, the studio has modeled the overall airport with all its buildings and structures, but also includes the famous Santa Claus Village nearby.

Rovaniemi Airport is also a great addition to the Nordics World Update, which added many landmarks in this region and brought several other improvements. A new airport here is always a good opportunity to revisit the Nordic countries in MSFS.

EFRO Rovaniemi Airport is now available through Orbx Direct for approximately €12,64 | £10.78.

Key Features

  • High-quality airport buildings
  • Terminal interior
  • Santa Claus Village
  • Airport satellite coverage
  • Detailed terrain mesh
  • Realistic runway profile
  • Realistic night lightning