MK-STUDIOS releases Porto Airport for MSFS

Pilots flying to Portugal’s second-largest city have suddenly been presented with two custom-built airports for MSFS. Just a few days after Tropical Sim released their rendition of Porto Airport (LPPR), today we see another developer, MK-STUDIOS, launching their own version of this modern infrastructure in northern Portugal. And guess what, this new version is both better-looking and cheaper!

Porto is a stunning old city by the river Douro, made famous worldwide by the wine with the same name. It has gained popularity as a tourism destination over the last decade, which has lead to an impressive increase in traffic in its airport. Also known as Franciso Sá Carneiro Airport, LPPR is now handling over 13 million passengers each year, a number that is expected to continue to grow as Portugal becomes an even more attractive destination.

Porto Airport serves not only Porto’s urban center but also the entire north of Portugal. Ryanair has an important hub here, but Easyjet and TAP Air Portugal also operate an extensive number of flights, among many other airlines, which makes Porto a very well connected airport to the whole of Europe.

LPPR is a modern airport, completely rebuilt about 15 years ago, and has ranked highly in passenger satisfaction ever since. It’s easy to get in and out, navigation inside is effortless, and the runway is close to the terminal, so there’s a short period of time between the gates and landing/departure.

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 10

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 9

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 8 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 7 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 6 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 5 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 4 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 2 1

Porto Airport LPPR MSFS 1 1

MK-STUDIOS is now launching an impressive rendition of this airport, in what appears to be a significant upgrade over Tropical Sim’s version. The developers make use of high-resolution textures, new aerial imagery and accurate 3D structures to recreate the modern terminal and remaining features. There’s also a simplified terminal interior and even some work beyond the airport itself, with the modeling of nearby parking lots, for example.

LPPR Porto Airport is now available for just around 18€, so there’s no reason to choose any other version of LPPR than this one. It’s both cheaper and better than Tropical Sim’s iteration, so it’s an easy choice if you’re looking to get a custom-built version of Porto Airport for MSFS.

Main features:

  • Porto Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition 4k textures with PBR support
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • Terrain mesh
  • Runway profile
  • Simplified terminal interior
  • Latest airport changes included (including finished new taxiways)

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