Milviz shares 1-hour long video about its upcoming Cessna 310 for MSFS

Milviz is getting ready to release its next airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Cessna 310R. It’s a project that we have glimpsed over the months, with just some short bursts of information and a limited selection of images available. That changes now, as Milviz publishes a comprehensive video, more than one hour long, showing the product functionality in great detail.

The Milviz 310R is set to be one of the most authentic and immersive general aviation airplanes to hit the simulator yet. It has been promised as high-quality aircraft that will attempt to set a very high bar in its category. Judging from the video shared today by Milviz, it seems we’re in for a deeply satisfying and even personal experience, considering some very specific features that the 310R will include.

The whole video is well worth a look, as “Dutch” Owen, Project Lead for the 310R, introduces the aircraft and some of its features, before taking off in a test flight to show the airplane in action.

The video previews a number of truly great features. Starting with the tablet, it will allow the usual activation of doors and external elements, but will also provide a host of additional options, such as the favored choice of avionics suites (to include the GTN 750 from both PMS50 and TDS).

The most exciting characteristic of the Milviz 310R has to be the focus on realism and in an accurate simulation of its systems. The level of realism will be customizable, so you can taylor the experience to your preference. Looking for a simplified approach, where the 310R is relatively simple to operate with not much else to worry about? You can configure the realism options for that. But the true highlight of the whole experience will be an individualization of the aircraft, where each system is affected by the usual day-to-day operations.

Simmers will be responsible for keeping the aircraft flying safely, inspecting the components and doing the necessary maintenance to have the plane fly with no issues. Failing to do so will come with very serious consequences! This need, coupled with the possibility to have the aircraft save its state across sessions, ensures that this will very much be your airplane.

milviz 310r msfs preview 2
Note the condition status for the engine components. Inspect, repair and overhaul as needed.

Furthermore, your whole aviator performance will be constantly under evaluation by your passengers. The included tablet has a passenger satisfaction meter that measures the real-time happiness of your passengers. Fly too abruptly or disregard a comfortable cabin temperature, and you’ll see satisfaction go down.

If you’re looking for a new high-quality twin-engined airplane, then the Milviz 310R is looking to be a great candidate, so do watch the full video above to have a great idea of how this bird will behave. There’s a lot of great details, and we’re expecting a highly accurate flight model as well. Milviz is already implementing the new propeller simulation system that was introduced with Sim Update 8, so this will be as state-of-the-art as it can get.

The 310R is now on the final stages of development for MSFS, and we’re expecting a release in the coming weeks. The last we heard from Milviz pointed for a release by the end of March, early April, so stay tuned for further details soon!