FSDreamTeam teases GSX Ground Services for MSFS

FSDreamTeam, commonly known as FSDT, has an established reputation in the flight simulation community as the maker of many detailed airports over the years, including some notable ones for MSFS. Besides high-quality scenery, the developers also have a particularly popular product that brings a whole new level of realism to any simulator: GSX Ground Services, which simulates all the ground operations that support the world of aviation, such as marshaling, catering services, pushback, refueling, passenger boarding, and much more.

Jetliner pilots surely miss this kind of functionality in MSFS. If you’re one of these pilots, then you’ll be pleased to know that FSDT is working to bring this popular add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator, and they have a small but exciting teaser to prove just that!

While GSX provides a wide range of functions, this new teaser video released by FSDT, which you can see below, features only the pushback functionality, with accompanying sounds, a user interface that looks a bit rough around the edges, and some really cool animations (notice the piece of cloth hanging on the bypass pin).

You may be wondering “Well, we already have some very good pushback tools in MSFS”, such as the recently updated (and free) Toolbar Pushback. That’s true indeed, but remember that GSX aims to do much more than that. It’s unfortunate that we’re not seeing any of those features in this video, which may indicate that, while GSX is definitely in development for MSFS, a full product is yet a long time away from coming.

Speculation aside, Xbox simmers may also get some kind of toned-down version of GSX. Since the console doesn’t support running external executable files like the PC, GSX may be limited in some of its capabilities, but FSDT hopes that, with time, Asobo/Microsoft may open up the path for developers to gather the necessary info from all scenery files, which is the main limitation they are facing at this point.

In the end, with the imminent arrival of some highly-awaited airliners in MSFS, such as PMDG’s 737, the Fenix A320, Fly the Maddog X, or the BAe 146, GSX would be a brilliant addition to the whole experience, providing a higher level of realism and immersion as part of airliner operations. Let’s hope FSDT is able to speed up the pace of development, as they will surely be under increased pressure to do so in the near future to complement all the exciting new airplanes that are coming.

As usual, we will keep you updated on any further developments!