REX releases AccuSeason Advanced Edition with terrain colouring, weather scenarios, and more

REX Simulations has released a significant update to their popular AccuSeason utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly introduced Advanced Edition not only retains the beloved features of the original but also adds a host of new functionalities, including dynamic terrain colouring, weather scenarios, and more!

What’s New in the Advanced Edition?

Terrain Coloring

Accuseason Advanced Edition introduces a Terrain Coloring feature that enhances the realism of the simulator’s satellite imagery throughout the year. Now, ground textures will adapt based on the season, making your simulated environment even more lifelike.

REX Accuseason MSFS update 6

REX Accuseason MSFS update 5

REX Accuseason MSFS update 4

REX Accuseason MSFS update 3

Weather Scenarios

For those who crave impressive weather conditions in MSFS, the new Weather Scenarios feature is a welcome addition. This includes 38 weather presets, which REX claims to have been carefully built to go along perfectly with the selected season.

Resilient Coloring Option

A unique feature called Resilient Coloring has been added, which keeps vegetation coloring consistent. This is particularly useful when the ground texture is too light or contains unnatural coloring, ensuring that vegetation doesn’t fade or discolor.

Enhanced Regions

Two new regions – Colorado Aspen and Larch Trees in NW USA and SW Canada – have also been meticulously crafted to offer a more authentic landscape, with beautiful yellow trees populating the views during autumn.

REX Accuseason MSFS update 7

REX Accuseason MSFS update 1

Lower Vegetation Density

Cities and towns now appear more natural thanks to the Lower Vegetation Density feature, which reduces the density of vegetation in urban areas.

Enhanced Vegetation Color Tones

Three new options for vegetation color tones have been introduced, allowing for a more nuanced and realistic appearance of foliage.

Pricing and Availability

The best part? This new version is FREE for current users. For new users, Accuseason retains its price of $24.95 USD.

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