MSFS gets dynamic and customizable seasons with REX AccuSeason

REX Simulations is out with an exciting new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After tackling the weather and airport textures, the renowned development studio has released today an entirely new product, which looks to bring a long-awaited simulation of seasons in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s called AccuSeason (nice hint to A2A’s AccuSim branding), and promises to bring both customized seasons (similarly to Bijan’s season mod) and, perhaps more compellingly, automated seasons based on current date and location.

In typical REX Simulations style, AccuSeason launches with a variety of presets that you can select to implement each of the four seasons in MSFS, with more to be added in future updates. What this does is basically change the colors of trees across the landscape, but you can also customize tree height and deciduous tree canopy type. That’s the basic implementation, where you need to manually select which season you want to see in the simulator.

The real interesting and innovative aspect of Rex AccuSeason appears to be its Automation Mode, where the system automatically displays vegetation colors based on the current date and location, updating weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly throughout the year, and respecting the natural transition between Northern and Southern hemispheres. A set-and-forget Season mod for MSFS?! An exciting prospect while we wait for the official Asobo implementation of seasons in the simulator.

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 8

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 9

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 10

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 11

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 12

Rex AccuSeason MSFS 13

Rex AccuSeason implements seasons globally, which means that you’ll have opposite seasons in each hemisphere. So, it’s entirely possible to take off from Sydney, for example, on a warm spring day filled with green landscapes, to arrive a few hours later in Seattle, surrounded by the autumnal tones of the decaying trees.

Rex AccuSeason promises to do even more to enhance the vegetation and foliage in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Another feature that it introduces is updated regional vegetation. Several regions of the world have been updated with more accurate vegetation types, such as more deciduous trees in Central US rather than conifers, or more palm trees where there were none before. New biomes have also been created to better depict some vegetation types like steppe, tundra, the Australian scrublands, and more. Since this is a particularly complex task, REX promises to continue to bring more regional updates with future AccuSeason versions.

Overall, Rex AccuSeason seems to be a rather comprehensive package that will certainly give Bijan (and possibly Asobo, in the future), a run for their money. A simulation of seasons has long been one of the most requested features for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and while we’re still waiting for proper implementation by Asobo, we now have some third-party alternatives that should provide a nice alternative.

To learn all about Rex AccuSeason and what it brings to MSFS, check the official product page, from where you can also buy this new add-on for $24.95. It’s also available through Contrail and most other third-party vendors. If you do buy this new product from REX Simulations, leave us your impressions in the comments section below!

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