Fly the Maddog X sprinting towards release in MSFS, new images spotted

Leonardo’s Fly the Maddog X for Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently undergoing a comprehensive and advanced “beta” stage, with testers from all around the world putting the promising aircraft through its paces in the simulator. Everything is pointing for a release to happen very soon, as the NDA has been partially lifted and these testers are now allowed to share their findings, resulting in a flood of absolutely stunning images of the MD-80 in MSFS.

Early feedback from testers has been hugely promising, with many claiming that this is a remarkably deep and immersive simulation of the MD-80, accurately represented by powerful graphics as well. Testers are not allowed yet to speak about the features and functions of the aircraft, but as we start to see the model in more clear detail, it’s evident that Leonardo did a great job with the visuals.

Naturally, knowing the history of this particular product in other platforms, we are hoping to see a very complete simulation of nearly all systems of the aircraft. Leonardo claims that the team has been mostly successful at bringing this complete package to MSFS, with nearly everything being simulated in profound detail. See here the impressive list of features and options that will be included with Fly the Maddog X for MSFS.

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 5.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 6.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 7.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 8.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 9.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 10.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 11.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 12.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 13.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 14.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 15.jpg

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 16.jpg

As for the new images, we share with you here today a series of brand new screenshots (and a video) that have recently been shared by the community. Above you can see a very nice selection from our friends at, which perfectly represents the photorealistic nature of the external and internal 3D model and textures. A very impressive work indeed!

Beautiful screenshots are always nice to have, but videos are also very welcome and provide a clearer perspective about the product and how it “feels” in the simulator. We are also starting to see the first videos popping up, like the one below where you’ll be able to see an early preview of the MD-82 in a more interactive way and with sound. It’s not the most impressive video preview ever, but still displays nicely how the aircraft is looking in MSFS.

Finally, for another set of pictures, see below a short selection of similarly nice shots from another tester, posted by Steve Dra on Avsim. These depict a flight between Miami and Atlanta, which took place under some moody weather, shooting for an ILS landing among the clouds in KATL.

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 1

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 2

Maddog X MD 80 msfs preview 4

Airliner simmers are definitely in for a treat with the Maddog, and we can’t wait to finally see it land in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It will be a tough time for many wallets, with also the PMDG 737, Fenix A320, or Just Flight’s BAe 146 around the corner! 2022 really is shaping up to be the year of airliners in Microsoft Flight Simulator!