The PMDG 737 for MSFS gets its first trailer video – watch it now!

The moment everyone is waiting for is quickly approaching, as PMDG continues to make decisive strides towards a release of its hugely-anticipated simulation of the Boeing 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This weekend starts with aplomb, as we get the first video of the aircraft in action in MSFS, and it’s a long, drool-worthy one!

We know that PMDG launched the 737 into beta last week, looking to get invaluable feedback from testers and connoisseurs of the airplane. In today’s development update, Robert Randazzo reveals that this feedback has already brought many fixes and improvements to the product, so much so that he feels it could be released today and provide a great experience for nearly everyone. But they want to make it right and deliver a polished product.

But you’re not here to know how many changes have been introduced in the latest beta build, are you? No, you’re here because PMDG has now launched the first preview trailer of the 737, finally presenting the airplane alive in MSFS, and actually showing a wide range of features. Watch it now below!

Exterior and interior modeling, textures, animations, night lighting, or flight deck configurations, are some of the things that can be seen in the video, as the 737 takes off from Rio de Janeiro’s Santos Dumont Airport. There are no sounds of the airplane, unfortunately – instead, we get the most generic “music” one could possibly imagine for a video. But there’s still a lot to unpack, so take your time! Of the many exciting things to see during this 5-minute video, one that got my eye was a final approach in IMC conditions, with a seemingly perfectly implemented HUD proving to be a very useful tool.

I can’t hold my excitement for this. This aircraft will be a huge milestone for MSFS, and it’s naturally looking simply superb, as we would expect. From the beautifully rendered model and textures (those inviting furry seats!) to the animations (wingflex!), everything seems to look great. The most critical eyes will certainly pick something out of place but, overall, this is it folks: a proper 737 is finally coming to MSFS.