Burning Blue Design Releases EGMT Thurrock Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Burning Blue Design has carved a niche for itself with its impressive list of airfields that bring the UK’s aviation heritage to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their portfolio includes a meticulously crafted collection of airfields, each reflecting the unique characteristics and ambiance of their real-world counterparts. They have become very prolific, with regular new releases offering something new for exploration.

This week, Burning Blue Design has released another scenery: Thurrock Airfield (EGMT), a small yet vibrant hub for general aviation that offers an interesting blend of flying experiences amidst the scenic backdrop of Southeast England.

EGMT Thurrock AIrfield MSFS 1

With its single runway, EGMT provides a base for training, recreational flying, and a variety of aerial services. Its strategic location offers aviators easy access to the vast skies over the UK, while being easily identifiable from the air with the big “THURROCK” name painted on the roof.

For pilots, both real and virtual, Thurrock Airfield offers very interesting flying opportunities. From the challenge of navigating one of the world’s busiest airspaces, due to its proximity to London, to the calming exploration of the English countryside, EGMT is certainly a charming starting point for adventures.

The rendition of Thurrock Airfield by Burning Blue Design promises to offer this experience for virtual pilots in MSFS. The developer states that every aspect of EGMT has been recreated with an eye for detail, from the layout of the runway and taxiways to the buildings and surrounding environment. Simmers will appreciate the realistic textures, dynamic lighting, and accurate topography that bring Thurrock Airfield to life in MSFS.

EGMT Thurrock AIrfield MSFS 4

EGMT Thurrock AIrfield MSFS 2

EGMT Thurrock AIrfield MSFS 3

Key Features:

  • Over 50 custom 3D objects, each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures.
  • Based on the October 2023 layout.
  • Full custom night lighting.
  • Animated hangar doors that close at night.
  • Completely custom windsock.
  • Animated spectators.
  • Local landmark, The Dog and Partridge pub, located at the end of Runway 25.
  • Real-life static aircraft at Thurrock Airfield, G-RARB – a Cessna 172N Skyhawk.
  • High-resolution, color-corrected ground textures taken from Bing Maps and manipulated for consistency and realism.

Burning Blue Design’s EGMT Thurrock Airfield is available now directly from the developer’s website and from Orbx, priced at £8.95.