Indiafoxteco shares new images of the Aermacchi M-346 for MSFS

Indiafoxtecho continues very active developing new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer focuses primarily on military jets, but the latest project, the Su-31, offered something a little different than usual. Now, Indiafoxtecho is back on military grounds with a new Italian aircraft in the works, one that was initially teased back in 2020: the Aermacchi M-346 Master.

Aermacchi airplanes are no stranger to Indiafoxtecho, whose MB-339 set an excellent early standard for fast military jets in MSFS. The more modern M-346 is now approaching the final stages of development, and Indiafoxtecho has a few new images to share with us from this beautiful Italian jet trainer.

The M-346 continues to be a work in progress, but Indiafoxtecho is confident that this airplane will be ready in just a few weeks, looking for a release in June if all goes well.

Indiafoxtecho M 346 MSFS 4

Indiafoxtecho M 346 MSFS 3

Indiafoxtecho M 346 MSFS 2

Indiafoxtecho M 346 MSFS 1

For now, the developer continues to work on the visuals of the airplane, which still need some fine-tuning in terms of detail and animations. The systems and flight model are also the subject of continuous work, but things appear to be progressing nicely.

These new images of the M-346 show the elegant light airplane in good detail in MSFS, particularly when it comes to the external model. But there’s also one image that provides a glimpse into the cockpit, the first time we’ve seen it for this aircraft, albeit with not much detail.

Indiafoxtecho should certainly share new images and information soon about this project, but by now it’s clear that the team is fully focused on bringing this new Italian trainer to MSFS as soon as possible. And now that the Italy World Update has been released, we have the perfect playground to test the M-346 in its real-world scenario.