A development update on Indiafoxtecho’s T-45 Goshawk for MSFS

If you haven’t been paying close attention, you’re probably not aware that Indiafoxtecho, makers of the excellent Aermacchi MB-339 for MSFS, are also working on bringing the T-45 Goshawk to this new platform. As we’ve told you at the time of the initial development announcement, this new aircraft is coming to life in a partnership with other famed developers, Milviz.

At the time of that first announcement, it was clear that the goal was to provide a “reasonably realistic and fun” depiction of the Goshawk, and we’ve seen this project improving nicely with time to a point where we can expect a release in March (although, as per the developers words, “it will be done when it’s done“).

Dino Cattaneo was very transparent at first when he defined clear boundaries on what we can expect from this aircraft. For starters, there’s still no carrier functionality built in the simulator, so there will be no support for that (although it will probably work with third-party solutions like MSFS Carrier Module). The HUD rendition is also not very polished, even being somewhat “disappointing”, according to the developer’s own words. Also, about the MFD/HSI mapping and planning, functionality will be limited.

However, despite this, the developers are confident their T-45 will be a good rendition of the original aircraft, with great graphics and an adequate simulation of the flight model. You should even be able to follow roughly 99% of the real world checklist!

Over time we’ve seen the MFD’s graphics evolve from the old monochrome green to more modern, color screens, which are more in line with the latest updates on the real T-45. More recently, the flight model saw some fine tuning based on feedback from real-world aircrews, and new sound effects have been implemented based on real world recordings.

All in all, the T-45 seems to be coming to life nicely, with a good pace of new developments that are steadily bringing it to a release date that is not too far off. Hopefully in March we will see this new jet released in MSFS, in what will certainly be a great new addition to park right next to that MB-339! As usual, stay tuned for new updates!