First videos of the impending Just Flight Hawk T1/A for MSFS

Late September. That was our expectation for the release of the Hawk T1/A from Just Flight, as revealed by the studio itself. It must be really nearly ready to come out, but Just Flight still found the time to share some new videos of the aircraft and images as well, showcasing some of its features before the release. As promised in the run-up to the release of the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for MSFS, Just Flight also published a couple of videos to demonstrate various aspects and features of the aircraft.

The first two videos have been published today, and offer an introductory note about the aircraft and the included EFB tablet. Further videos will cover more complex systems such as the light, payloads and hydraulics.

We have high expectations for the Hawk, which Just Flight says is being recreated with incredible detail. This will be a feature-packed product and everything will work – Just Flight says no button, switch or level will be left INOP. Every system is being implemented and carefully recreated with realism in mind.

We don’t know exactly when the Hawk is planned to be released, but we should have a clearer indication any time now. Until then, enjoy also the latest set of images and the beautiful details they show of the Hawk’s model and its features:

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 12.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 11.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 10.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 9.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 8.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 7.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 6.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 5.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 4.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 3.jpg

Just Flight Hawk T1A MSFS 1.jpg

• EFB tablet with controls for selecting between T1, T1/A and Red Arrows configurations, different payloads and autopilot modes for ease-of-use

• Different cockpit configurations – T1/A weapons training (pylon/sidewinder) controls, gunsight and/or GPS, Red Arrows smoke indicators

• VHF, UHF, IFF, TACAN and ILS radio simulation, including frequency preset cards which update in real-time to show any saved frequency presets

• Dynamic cockpit night lighting with dimmer controls and spotlights, and realistic exterior lighting (including independent upper/lower strobes or beacons)

• Exterior model payloads/configurations – Live or training AIM-9 Sidewinders, 30 mm Aden gun, CBLS practice bombs, MATRA rockets, Red Arrows smoke tank and exhaust pipes

And for additional information about the Just Flight Hawk T1/A, check our coverage of its development, which includes many additional images and details.