The Concorde from DC Designs is coming to Xbox

Console pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator are in for a treat, as DC Designs’ Concorde, the greatly anticipated supersonic jetliner, will be available both on PC and Xbox once it releases (hopefully) later this year.

DC Designs is now focused on this legendary airplane, after the recent launch of the F-14 Tomcat. On the latest development update, the developer says that he’s been working to bring his existing Concorde model up to MSFS standards, which means higher resolution textures and decals.

Not much to say or see at this early stage of development, as DC Designs progresses through the external visuals before moving into the interior and systems coding. With this update, we got a few new images of the Concorde in MSFS, showing the work-in-progress external fuselage (there are a lot of rivets!), clearly indicating that there’s still a lot to do on that front before the airplane starts to look like something belonging to MSFS.

Concorde for MSFS flight simulator 6

Concorde for MSFS flight simulator 5

Concorde for MSFS flight simulator 4

Concorde for MSFS flight simulator 2

Concorde for MSFS flight simulator 1

MSFS will enable the introduction of some new features that are being implemented in this aircraft, such as spill doors, engine bleed doors and fuel panels. As we know, DC Designs strives to recreate accessible and easy-to-use airplanes, which lack some of the more complex functions often available on the real models. The Concorde will be no exception. For example, a precise inertial navigation system (INS) will not be included, but the developer will create a “hybrid system that will allow dual input of Lat-Lon coordinates as well as intersections and standard GPS/MSFS flight plan data”.

Still, DC Designs says visual fidelity will be significantly improved, with extensive rebuilding in the exterior model and particularly in the cockpit. Some of the quirks of the Concorde will also be implemented, such as “fuel transfer for pitch trim, step-climb profile for cruise acceleration, nose-droop animations, highly realistic flight model with super-cruise and more.”

We should start to get increasingly detailed information on the Concorde over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn more once. In the meantime, you can check our previous piece about this project, where you will find some detailed information about what to expect.