Tom Carroll’s latest book guides simmers to increased Realism in MSFS

Here’s something a bit different from the usual, particularly for those keen to enhance their overall experience in MSFS and who enjoy reading over a cup of coffee. Tom Carroll, an author whose work we’ve covered previously, has released a new e-book for MSFS simmers. This edition is specifically aimed at assisting users in achieving higher levels of realism within the simulator.

With ‘MSFS Next Level: Realism,’ Carroll builds upon his previous works, offering invaluable expertise and insights to both newcomers and experienced simmers. This 140-page e-book explores a variety of methods by which simmers can enhance their virtual flying experience, making it more challenging yet ultimately more rewarding.

One of the initial concerns addressed in the e-book is the potential cost associated with upgrading to a more realistic flight simulation setup. Carroll reassures readers that, although some suggestions may involve investing in new hardware or software, the emphasis is on low-cost or free methods to improve realism and immersion.

MSFS Next Level: Realism” is organized into four main sections, each dedicated to a fundamental aspect of flight simulation:

  1. Preflight: Carroll starts with the basics, recommending gear and peripherals, adjusting MSFS option settings, and exploring third-party add-ons that contribute to realism and immersion.
  2. Aviate: This section is all about the flying experience itself, from starting flights “cold and dark” to the importance of checklists, weight & balance, fuel planning, and manual flying skills. Carroll also stresses the significance of using live weather to dictate flight conditions.
  3. Navigate: Advanced flight planning takes center stage, with Carroll introducing tools like Navigraph and Simbrief to go beyond MSFS’s World Map for route planning.
  4. Communicate: The final section covers the essentials of air traffic control, offering insights into offline and online ATC solutions, including how to get started with VATSIM for an immersive ATC experience.
tom carroll msfs realism 2

Tom Carroll’s previous works, such as his detailed explorations into Navigation and Flight Planning, and Old School aviation, have already established him as a trusted voice in the flight simulation community. “MSFS Next Level: Realism” continues this tradition, expanding on the foundational knowledge provided in his earlier publications and pushing simmers to reach increased levels of realism with their experience in MSFS.

“MSFS Next Level: Realism” is available now in eBook format for just $9.00.