‘Navigation and Flight Planning’ ebook now available for Flight Simulator

Author Tom Carroll has released today a new in-depth ebook for everyone looking to learn more about how to plan and navigate flights in Flight Simulator. ‘Navigation and Flight Planning in MSFS 2020‘ includes 200 pages and over 150 illustrations with detailed information that will guide you through the necessary steps to plan and navigate in MSFS, and fly precision and non-precision approaches in the sim.

In the ebook, Tom Carroll goes through the basics of air navigation through navaids such as VORs, NDBs, GPS, and so on, moving on to how to use them in the cockpit with both analog and glass instrumentation. You will also learn how to use the autopilot for navigation and landing approaches while getting familiar with reading charts, maps and diagrams that are used for flight planning.

Navigation and Flight Planning ebook MSFS 2
One of the many diagrams included in the ebook.

This learning process will culminate with the specific flight planning procedures inside MSFS, where you will put your knowledge into practice in the simulator. You’ll learn the ins and outs of flight planning, including how to configure hybrid flights where you’ll precisely fly an RNAV or ILS approach under VFR. You’ll learn to read and incorporate Departure Procedures, STARs, RNAV and ILS approach plates into your flights, as well as where to find them online.

This ebook is enriched with many illustrations and MSFS-specific examples that will help you understand all the subjects discussed in the book. The author hopes that this will become a reference book that any virtual pilot can use when needed.

Navigation and Flight Planning in MSFS 2020‘ is now available from the official website for just $9. It should also be coming soon from other flight simulation stores.

Navigation and Flight Planning ebook MSFS 3

About the author: Tom Carroll is a retired engineer and programmer, as well as a flight simulation enthusiast since the early days of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tom is also a generous man: he has written a novel, Simple Sarah – A Spiritual Adventure, whose profits go to Feeding America. He also asks buyers of his new MSFS ebook to donate to local food banks, if feeling like the book is too affordable.