Get 30% off in FS Academy’s training courses for MSFS

FS Academy has been helping many simmers around the world to learn the gist of flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With a series of tutorial missions that cover subjects like IFR and VFR navigation, Jetliner training, or cross-country navigation, there’s a lot to learn with these packages.

If you haven’t had the chance to try FS Academy’s courses, this week might be an excellent opportunity to get started. FS Academy is now running a 30% off promotion on the entire series of products released for MSFS so far. These include Navigator, Jetliner, VFR, IFR, and Voyager!

All of these tutorials are brought to you by a real airline captain, so you know the information comes from a reliable source in the field. Besides, the whole series is available for both PC and Xbox and comes accompanied by detailed documentation to support your learnings.

FS Academy Navigator MSFS Marketplace 1

We’ve enjoyed these tutorials a lot and can recommend them to anyone looking to learn about many of the crucial aspects of flying and navigating through the virtual skies in MSFS.

This sale is now running until August 12 in the MSFS Marketplace and in other vendors that offer FS Academy’s product catalog, such as Orbx and Just Flight. Explore the entire series through the official website or with our previous coverage of all of these products!