“A Practical Guide to the CJ4” is the new ebook from Tom Carroll, only for MSFS

Author Tom Carroll has been writing some very detailed guides for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which he has released in the form of ebooks. After Navigation and Flight Planning, released in June, and MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds, available since August, Tom Carrol has now returned with a new book, this time dedicated to learning how to operate the CJ4.

In this new eboks, titled MSFS Next Level: A Practical Guide to the CJ4, Tom Carroll explains how to bring the aircraft up from a cold-and-dark cockpit to a full flight plan leading to a visual, RNAV or ILS approach. Starting with familiarization of the cockpit layout, he details the panels, PFD and MFD. Next is a step-by-step process for configuring a flight plan and aircraft performance parameters in the FMS. Finally, he takes you through a familiarization flight to a visual approach, explains how to use VNAV and then on to full flights with RNAV and ILS approaches.

The objective of this ebook is to provide an introductory guide to the CJ4, focused on the practical aspects of operating this aircraft in MSFS. There are indeed many good video tutorials on the CJ4, but the author hopes that his book can also be come a valuable resource, easier to use during flights.

cj4 ebook msfs

Here are the topics covered by the book:

  • Cockpit Panels
  • PFD
  • MFD
  • Autopilot Modes
  • FMS & Flight Planning
  • Flying the CJ4
  • VNAV Operation
  • RNAV Flight Example
  • ILS Flight Example

This 90-page guide takes you through the steps needed to set up and fly the classic bizjet. Packed with 110 illustrations and multiple detailed MSFS flight examples, this eBook may well become a valued reference you’ll use over and over again.

It’s important to note that the author considers the features introduced by the brilliant Working Title CJ4 mod, so that you can take full advantage of the functionality that this aircraft as to offer in MSFS.

The eBook is now available on his website for the low price of $9 USD, as well as on leading Flight Simulation websites.