Learn how to fly the A310 with this official tutorial video series from iniBuilds

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator was just released, and with it we got a new highly-detailed airliner that is probably the most complete “default” aircraft of this type ever to be launched for Flight Simulator. The Airbus A310, carefully built for MSFS by iniBuilds, is one of the many new airplanes that have just become available and promises to be a rich experience for those looking to fly one of the most important Airbus airplanes ever.

To help simmers get familiar with the A310 and learn all about it, iniBuilds published a new series of videos fully dedicated to the A310. With 10 videos in total and almost 5 hours of content about the aircraft, this is the best way to get started with this airliner in MSFS.

The series starts with an introduction to the A310, teaching some of the aircraft’s history and how it broke new ground in the aviation industry. It also provides an overview of the aircraft, from the worn-out exterior model to the flight deck.

The video series then goes on to guide users all the way through the several stages of operating the aircraft, from start-up to the final approach. It’s specially designed for new airliner pilots, those looking to step up from smaller planed into the big boys.

iniBuilds highly recommends new users to read a list of FAQs that were published by the development team, which hopes to clear out some questions that may arise in the early stages of using the product.

The iniBuilds A310 is one of the many new airplanes that were released today as part of the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS. There’s so much cool new stuff to try out that it’s hard to decide what to do first but, if you’re into airliners, the A310 is the place to start!