(November 29) FlightFX/Volctech announce release date and pricing for the SF50 Vision Jet

Update, November 19 – Following the initial announcement that the Vision Jet would come to MSFS on November 22, the FlightFX team reached out to let us know that the release date was postponed for another week, to the 29th. The team feels more comfortable releasing the product after the busy holiday weekend in the US. Read below the full statement from FlightFX:

With the US holiday of Thanksgiving going on midweek and the flighting of a new sim update coming out, MS contacted us about getting in our Launch Candidate earlier than expected so it could go through it’s typical testing. Unfortunately, after a few late nights and best efforts with the team to hit the target we just weren’t quite comfortable where we were at. Although remaining unfinished items are small and inconsequential to most that’s not what this is really about is it?

We hold ourselves to a high standard and try and do what we can within reason to hit those standards. So rather than skip some stuff just to meet a deadline we are moving to the next available slot which is Tuesday November 29, 2022. (Due to the US holiday) Our goal is and always has been to release an aircraft that is fun and addictive to fly. By all standards our beta testers have indicated that we are hitting that mark and we look forward to getting in your hands asap.

My hope is that all of you will still get the same enjoyment when you get it that we had making it….. just seven days later.

Nick Sdoucos, FlightFX

A new light jet is about to land in Microsoft Flight Simulator! The much-anticipated SF50 Vision Jet, developed by FlightFX and Volctech, is finally ready and will be available in the MSFS Marketplace on November 22 29.

Nick Sdoucos, CEO of FlightFX, says that there has been lots of questions from those following the project, who wish to know about the aircraft’s release date and pricing. “It’s great to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag“, says Nick.

The team has been heads down as of late finishing off the SF50 G2, and is happy to let everyone know that they have finally reached a point in the development where they are happy to finally allow users to fly the Vision Jet in MSFS. The team at FlightFX has been super focused on the small details and really trying to capture the experience of flying the real aircraft, while also planning for the first updates to follow after the release.

FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet release date MSFS 4

FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet release date MSFS 3

FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet release date MSFS 2

We are already working on a few additions and enhancements that will come in subsequent updates. We will, as with other products, continue to maintain support and customer service as we go forward.  In fact one of the major improvements we will be rolling out will occur shortly after the much anticipated refresh of the WT G3000.  There are a bunch of new features that will unlock for this aircraft once we are able to incorporate it.  It will be like getting a whole new plane all over again.” Says Sdoucos.

In addition to the plane, livery creators will be happy to know that it’s expected to ship with a paint kit so users will be able to fly with their favourite paint schemes soon after the release.

If you’re looking to see more of the aircraft before launch, stay on the lookout for exclusive pre-release streams from our friends TwoToneMurphy and TheFlyingFabio (with whom we’ll be talking today, by the way, in a cross-community discussion about the role of flight sim media!).

Finally, a word about pricing. The Vision Jet will be on sale at just $24.99, which is definitely an enticing price for such a promising airplane. It follows the same distribution philosophy the FlightFX employed with the HJet, another very detailed business jet that was released by the team a few months back.

FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet release date MSFS 1

So there you have it, another very promising new airplane is about to be available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve followed this project since its early stages, watching closely how the development team worked to bring this aircraft to life in MSFS. It has looked stunning since the very beginning and we can’t wait to see how it flies!

You can find more information on the FlightFX Discord channel and on their website.