The TDS GTNXi gets its most requested feature: an updatable database powered by Navigraph!

There’s a huge update coming out today from TDS Sim Software regarding their beloved GTNXi avionics unit for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a very exciting development for users of this add-on, TDS has announced the release of GTNXi Pro, an advanced upgrade to their very popular GTNXi avionics suite. It’s a major milestone that finally overcomes a longstanding limitation in flight simulation: the inability to update the navigation database in trainer-based add-ons.

Breaking New Ground with Updateable Navigation and Charts

The GTNXi Pro introduces full integration with Navigraph, providing simmers with access to an updateable navigation database and charts. This integration ensures that pilots can fly with the most current SIDs, STARs, approaches, and waypoints, enhancing the realism and accuracy of simulated flights in MSFS.

The addition of Navigraph Charts brings over 7,000 airports worldwide into the cockpit, complete with geo-referenced charts for an unparalleled level of detail and situational awareness.

TDS GTNXi pro Navigraph MSFS 1

Key Features of the TDS GTNXi Pro

  • Updateable Navigation Database: Pilots can now access the most current SIDs, STARs, Approaches, waypoints, VORs/NDBs, VRPs, airways, airports, runways, frequencies, and LPV data. This ensures that flight plans and navigational aids are accurate and up to date, meeting the high standards of realism and technical precision TDS Sim Software is known for.
  • Navigraph Charts Integration: The TDS GTNXi Pro offers worldwide, current charts for over 7,000 supported airports via Navigraph. This feature allows pilots to use approach charts as map overlays, enhancing situational awareness during flight planning and execution.
  • Comprehensive Procedure Support: The update includes all 23 procedure leg types, including RF legs with full autopilot control, and meticulous attention to database details like overfly waypoints and altitude restrictions. This level of detail ensures compatibility with flight plans from other software (e.g., SimBrief, LittleNavMap) and seamless operation in online environments like VATSIM.
  • Advanced Chart Features: The TDS GTNXi Pro goes beyond basic chart implementation, excluding insets of geo-referenced charts from the aircraft’s position on the map and enabling chart overlays.

This release represents the culmination of two years of development from TDS in the pursuit of a much-requested feature from the community. Many preferred to use the GTN750 from PMS50 precisely because it uses the database used by Microsoft Flight Simulator itself, thus never missing any navigation waypoint.

With the new GTNXi Pro, simmers get the best of world worlds: the most realistic GTN unit alongside a regularly updated navdata database.

Upgrade Path and Availability

For existing TDS GTNXi users, upgrading to the Pro version is straightforward but comes with a fee of €24.95. AS for new users, they can get the GTNXi Pro for €64.95. Note that a Navigraph subscription is required to use the updateable navigation database and charts.