FlightSimExpo is happening this weekend. Here’s what to expect

San Diego is hosting the 2021 edition of FlightSimExpo this weekend, North America’s largest flight simulation conference and probably the biggest one taking place this year in the world. Initially scheduled for June, the event was postponed to September 24-26 (you can guess why), and it’s happening in a hybrid format that allows in-person and online attendees to join flight simulation developers and creators for a weekend full of discoveries and new learnings.

I was hoping to attend the event in person but, unfortunately, the travel ban that is still in place for EU citizens traveling to the US didn’t allow that to happen. Still, we will be covering all the most relevant news coming out of FlightSimExpo this year, especially those pertaining to MSFS users.

If you’re interested in attending either the in-person or the online event, know that registrations are still possible, starting at just $15 for the online event, all the way up to $70 for physical presence during the entire weekend. In either case, it’s an incredible opportunity to meet enthusiasts of the flight simulation world and see what key players in the simulation community are up to: major announcements are to be expected concerning new hardware, software updates, and much more.

Make sure to check FlightSimExpo’s website for detailed information about the full event schedule. Some of our highlights are the following:


2:00 PM – Flight Planning & Dispatch Q&A 
5:00 PM – Home Cockpit Construction 


10:30 AM – Developer SeminarThrustmaster
11:00 AM – Using PC-Based Simulators for Fun and/or Flight Training 
12:00 PM – The Role of Simulation in NTSB Aviation Accident Investigations 
1:00 PM – Developer SeminarTurtle Beach


11:30 AM – Getting Started in Flight Simulation 
1:30 PM – Practical Simulator Use as a Training Aid 

These are just a few of the many conferences that will take place during the weekend. Besides, there’s plenty of exhibitors to visit during the event, who will be ready to show you their latest products and even try out brand new hardware. These include Honeycomb, Thrustmasters, Orbx, VirtualFly, Turtle Beach, and many more.

As a Media Partner of the event, we will cover all the great news coming out of San Diego over the coming days, so stay tuned!