SimpleFCU announces integration with Kav Simulations’ A3xx LCD Unit

Home cockpit builders, this one is for you. SimpleFCU has announced the integration of Kav Simulations’ A3xx LCD into its autopilot control module. The integration aims to expand the capabilities of the SimpleFCU module with the quality and cost-effectiveness of the A3xx LCD panel, offering home cockpit builders an upgraded and affordable new piece of kit to add to their setup.

SimpleFCU, known for its build-at-home autopilot control module inspired by the real-world Airbus autopilot module, has been closely following the A3xx LCD project from Kav Simulations. Impressed by the quality and functionality of the LCD, SimpleFCU decided to integrate this hardware into its own product.

The collaboration between these two parties began a few months ago when Mike from SimpleFCU reached out to James from Kav Simulations. The two quickly exchanged technical information and placed an order for a prototype testing piece. James provided invaluable support throughout the integration process, answering questions and providing technical guidance.

SimpleFCU Kav A3xx LCD integration 1

The A3xx LCD project was born out of a desire to make home cockpit building accessible to everyone. Despite initial funding challenges, the project found its footing through private funding and a successful product launch. The LCD is designed to replicate the Airbus FCU display as closely as possible, offering a cost-effective solution for simmers.

As Mike explains through an extensive blog post on Simple FCU’s website, the integration between the two pieces of hardware is straightforward. The LCD uses a similar number of PINs as the current 7-segment displays used in SimpleFCU, making it easy for customers to implement the LCD in their builds. SimpleFCU has updated its PDF Instructions manual to guide users through the integration process.

SimpleFCU Kav A3xx LCD integration 3
The standalone A3xx LCD unit was designed to be easily integrated with other pieces of hardware.

The plastic parts of the SimpleFCU module required minor adjustments to accommodate the A3xx LCD. The outer plastic parts are based on the Mini version of SimpleFCU, with an additional 3 millimeters of height to accommodate the top Korrys (AP1 & AP2). All other internal parts remain compatible and can be easily used.

On the software side, SimpleFCU worked closely with Kav Simulations to ensure compatibility. The firmware of the LCD was customized to match the PINs used by the SimpleFCU shield. After thorough testing and a few improvements, the A3xx LCD is now fully compatible with SimpleFCU.

The A3xx LCD version of SimpleFCU is now available for purchase through the SimpleFCU shop. The company is offering a special discount for the SimpleFCU Creative Edition using the coupon code KAV5OFF. The A3xx LCD needs to be purchased separately directly from the Kav Simulations site.