Honeycomb’s Alpha Flight XPC and Xbox Hub are now available

Honeycomb Aeronautical is finally shipping its highly anticipated successor to the Alpha Flight Controls yoke. The Alpha Flight Controls XPC, with PC and Xbox compatibility, is now shipping for those who preordered and whoever wishes to buy the product at this moment.

It’s hard to believe, but Honeycomb announced the Alpha Flight XPC more than a year ago during 2021’s FlightSimExpo. The company faced numerous challenges during the last couple of years, with production delays, poor product availability, and difficulties answering support questions, but they are now trying to get back up into normal operations as the factors of running the business stabilize.

Today’s launch of the Alpha Flight XPC (and the Xbox Hub that enables the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Charlie Rudder Pedals to be connected as one system) marks a turn for the company as it pushes new products into the market after a long time of waiting.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 5

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 4

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 3

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 2

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 1

The Alpha Flight Controls XPC is now available with worldwide shipping from Honeycomb’s website. The company says this new yoke was developed by pilots and engineers for the flight simulation community with the utmost realism in mind.

The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC features a new front grill design, the most immediate difference when compared to the previous yoke. A full 180º rotation with upgraded hall effect sensors guarantees smooth and precise movements, while the base simulates a switch panel with master, alternator, avionics and light switches, along with a spring-loaded 5-position ignition switch. The basic setup to get a typical small plane started! The left and right handles also come with programmable buttons and switches for added customisability.

Honeycomb Xbox Hub released 1

Honeycomb Alpha Flight XPC released 7

Besides the new yoke, Honeycomb is also launching today the Xbox Hub. This small device essentially allows owners of the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and/or of the upcoming Charlie Rudder Pedals to use all devices simultaneously on the Xbox Series X|S, including the brand-new Alpha XPC. Furthermore, there’s some welcome compatibility with competing products: users who own Logitech’s Flight USB Throttle and Rudder Pedals can also use the Honeycomb Xbox Hub to connect the whole setup!

For users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Nicki Repenning, Founder and CEO of Honeycomb Aeronautical, ensures perfect compatibility and a plug-and-play experience: “We have worked closely with Microsoft to implement Xbox Series X/S compatibility as well as the Microsoft Flight Simulator team to ensure that the Alpha XPC as well as the Bravo Throttle and Charlie Rudder Pedals through the Xbox Hub, provides a plug and play experience”.

Honeycomb Xbox Hub released 2

Alpha Flight Controls XPC is now shipping from www.flyhoneycomb.com and participating retailers worldwide for the retail price of $349.99. The Xbox Hub is also available with the same shipping options and retails at $39.99.

Honeycomb Alpha XPC Features:

  • The left handle features one 8-way hat switch, two Vertical 2-way rocker switches, a button and a Push to Talk Button.
  • The right handle features two Horizontal 2-Way rocker switches, one large & one small button.
  • Solid steel yoke shaft with dual linear ball bearings.
  • 180° Yoke rotation.
  • 5-Position spring loaded ignition switch.
  • Switch panel with a total of 9 switches.
  • Universal Panel-Mounting System.
  • Adjustable cockpit backlighting.
  • The smooth matte finish on the panel and on the main yoke.
  • Easy conversion between Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.
  • New high-end 12-Bit Hall Effect Sensors with 400% increased resolution.