Thrustmaster unveils new Boeing 787-inspired yoke and quadrant hardware

Thrustmaster took the stage this Saturday during FlightSimExpo 2021 to unveil its new hardware for the flight simulation community. The TCA Boeing yoke and quadrant is Thrustmaster’s very first yoke system and is also the world’s first replica of the Boeing yoke and quadrant for flight simulation.

Thrustmaster is using this year’s FlightSimExpo to preview this new product to the world. Attendees to the show have the opportunity to see it first-hand on the conference floor and even get a feeling of it. Thrustmaster says they tried to replicate the ergonomics and functionality of the real yoke, down to the feel of rocking it back and forth, that same feeling that a real pilot experiences when sitting at the controls of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Thrustmaster has an official license from Boeing to create this new product, and both teams worked closely to make sure it behaves as close as possible to the real thing, especially with the yoke’s movement and the snap-back to the center. While the yoke is definitely the star of the show, the throttle quadrant is also an accurate replica that offers some important functions available, similarly to what Thrustmaster did with the Airbus TCA pack.

Thrustmaster will fully reveal the TCA Boeing yoke on November 9th, so until then your best chance to feel it and see how it looks is this weekend in San Diego in FlightSimExpo 2021.