Airbus A320 FCU PCB LCD Display for Flight Simulators Seeks Kickstarter Backing

Kav Simulations has announced its Kickstarter campaign, seeking funds to produce a realistic PCB LCD display for the Airbus A320 flight simulator. This flight simulation hardware has been designed to give a true-to-life flying experience and is aimed at those people who are building a repertoire of hardware.

Founded by James Kavanagh, a computer scientist and flight simulation enthusiast, the project seeks to attract like-minded people. James told us, “There are many expensive hardware options out there. For flight simulation enthusiasts such as ourselves, it can become an incredibly expensive hobby. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to produce a cost-effective option that allows Airbus A320-family flight simulation fans the opportunity to fly with life-like hardware. We know we’re part of a big community, and to get this project off the ground we need their help and eyes on our project.”

Having partnered with real Airbus pilots, the team is confident that no competing flight simulation hardware comes close to their real-life replication. Particular attention has been paid to the color and font. Kav Simulations’ attention to detail has seen this be a project long in the making. In fact, they’ve been testing and modifying prototypes since March 2022.

Airbus A320 FCU LCD Display flight simulator 2

However, now that the flight simulator hardware is in a position to be manufactured and released, they need the backing of other community members for the final push. There is a range of pledge options available for individual and bulk buying purposes. Each of these gives pledgers a handsome discounted price on their order.

To put flight simulation fans at ease, the team can confirm they’ve fully tested their invention with MobiFlight and have seen great success. They’ve developed their own version of MobiFlight firmware that supports the FCU LCD, which can freely be downloaded from GitHub. Furthermore, any new firmware that is developed will always be freely available. And, with MobiFlight on board with the project, there are possibilities for future development should the community ask for it.

Kav Simulations’ Kickstarter project explains, in detail, how the device has been created, its dimensions, and what users can expect to experience during flight simulations. Be sure to thoroughly examine the project and its wording – it’s detailed and highlights how impactful the hardware can be.

Pledging options start at just £30 for the LCD and backlight only, with no PC, and go up to £35£50 for the complete unit, depending on how fast users pledge their support. Not bad pricing at all!

If you’re an Airbus flight simulation fan, this project is definitely worth checking out. You can also contact the team if you have any further queries.