Seafront Simulations announces Vessels: The Azores for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Seafront Simulations, known for bringing life to the waters in Microsoft Flight Simulator, has unveiled their latest project: “Vessels: The Azores“. Seafront Simulations continues to expand the regions covered by their immersive and realistic maritime environments, which incorporate both static and animated vessels into the virtual world of MSFS. Their creations include detailed representations of ports, marinas, and a variety of ships and boats, making the seas as lively and engaging as the skies above. Now, they’re setting their sights on the picturesque Azores, after tackling another Portuguese archipelago, Madeira, earlier this year.

The Azores, a cluster of nine Portuguese islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, are a popular destination for tourists and sailors alike. Stretching across approximately 180,000 square kilometers, these islands offer a blend of coastal beauty, astonishing natural landscapes, and challenging airports. The area is well-known for its long-haul flights, low-level sightseeing, and adventurous island-hopping opportunities that are particularly riveting during the winter months.

Seafront Vessels Madeira MSFS 3

Vessels: The Azores” aims to recreate this unique maritime environment in intricate detail. This project includes the recreation of numerous marinas and ports, both small and large, found across the islands. Additionally, the area will be filled with several hundred leisure and commercial shipping vessels travelling between and around the islands, which are representative of both old and new local ferry services.

Those looking to get their hands on this product from Seafront Simulations won’t have to wait long. The developer has confirmed that the development of “Vessels: The Azoresis complete and the release date will be announced very soon.

Seafront Vessels Madeira MSFS 2

Seafront Vessels Madeira MSFS 1

Seafront Vessels Madeira MSFS 5

Speaking of Seafront Simulations, it’s worth noting that they recently launched “Vessels: AU Perth” for Xbox and PC simmers via the Orbx and in-game MSFS Marketplace. This release covers over 100km of coastline with almost 8,000 static and animated vessels, including Anzac Class Frigates of the Royal Australian Navy and the museum submarine HMAS Ovens.

Moreover, the developer has also shared an update about another ongoing project “Vessels: Cape Cod”. This scenery, covering Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket, will feature over 14,000 static vessels and promises to let simmers experience the area as the popular sailing and boating hotspot that it is.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of “Vessels: The Azores” and ongoing projects from Seafront Simulations. And make sure to check out other previous releases from the developer such as Vessels: Balearic Islands, Madeira, The Canary Islands, or The Hawaiian Islands. Each of these releases follows a similar concept, aiming to add life to select coastal areas around the world by introducing realistic boats and ships into the scenery.