sim-wings releases Munich Airport v2 for MSFS, a complete rework of Germany’s second busiest airport

The world of flight simulation is moving forward faster than ever, with developers continually seeking ways to enhance the experience and push the boundaries of realism. Checking new product releases is the bread and butter of our daily lives as enthusiastic simmers, but updates to existing products that bring them up to a higher standard, especially when some time has passed since their original release, are always great to see. Today we’re highlighting such an update brought to us by Sim-Wings who released a few days ago a large update to its Munich Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sim-Wings’ Munich V2 is a completely reworked version of its predecessor. It introduces a new terminal building (currently under construction) and various other new structures, bringing the virtual airport closer to its real-world status. With that in mind, the add-on also includes extensively edited and color-corrected aerial imagery, which enhances the realism and visual appeal of the airport while providing a seamless transition to the default simulator landscape.

Munich’s “Franz Josef Strauss” Airport, located 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, Germany, is one of the busiest airports in Europe. As a hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner airlines, it’s a gateway for millions of travelers each year. Sim-Wings Munich V2 attempts to faithfully recreate this vibrant atmosphere, immersing players in the fast-paced world of international air travel in the Old Continent.

This new version of Munich’s airport also includes animated jetways, numerous static apron vehicles, and realistic dynamic lighting. These features, combined with the newly introduced Aerosoft VDGS safe gate system, promise to offer a significantly upgraded experience for simmers who purchased the original version back in 2020.

Sim-Wings Munich V2 is a free update for all existing owners. For new customers, it’s available through Aerosoft at around €25.