Watch the teaser video for PILOT’S upcoming Dash 7 for MSFS, developed in cooperation with SimWorks Studios

PILOT’s appears to be close to releasing their long-anticipated de Havilland Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a project that has been developed in collaboration with SimWorks Studios. A good sign of that is the recent publishing of a teaser video that provides a glimpse of the aircraft’s 3D model, textures, interior, and exterior, and also hints at the sound design for the historic airliner.

The Dash 7, a four-engined turboprop passenger aircraft known for its STOL capabilities, was initially introduced in 1975, and only around a hundred units were built. Despite its rarity, it’s admired for its unique performance traits and its robust appearance, earning it a cherished place in the hearts of aviation enthusiasts.

The teaser video showcases the meticulous work the teams have put into the aircraft’s design. The exterior model and textures are remarkably detailed, accurately reflecting the distinctive features of the Dash 7. Similarly, the interior showcases the teams’ commitment to visual authenticity, with a realistic cockpit and passenger cabin that should immerse players in the experience of piloting this aircraft.

However, the sound design showcased in the teaser video raises some eyebrows. While the video offers an auditory preview of the Dash 7’s unique four turboprop engines, we have to be a little skeptical about the accuracy of the sounds, which don’t seem to match the Dash 7’s powerful roar. Since this is still a project in development, let’s hope PILOT’s manages to improve this key area of the experience before the release.

The Dash 7 is the second aircraft from PILOT’s for Microsoft Flight Simulator, following the Boeing 314 Clipper. Until recently, PILOT’s has been typically known for its scenery add-ons, but that is clearly changing. The collaboration of SimWorks Studios, recognized for its impeccable work so far on airplanes such as the Kodiak 100 or the Van’s RV-10, promises to be a welcome helping hand to PILOT’s efforts with the rare and venerable Dash 7.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Dash 7 and other exciting add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator!