Asobo/Hans Hartmann share a development update on the ATR 42/72 for MSFS

More than a year after the initial reveal, we finally got some news this week about the ongoing development of the ATR 42-600 and 72-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (the one from Asobo/Hans Hartmann, not the Milviz one).

Hans Hartmann, the lead developer behind this project, made an appearance on the latest Development Q&A to share some information about the current status of this project, how it has evolved over the last year, and also what kind of features we can expect from this aircraft.

Overall, this project seems to be advancing according to the schedule, with the external visuals of the three variants now mostly complete. These are the 42-600, the 72-600, and the 72-600F Freighter. Hans says that the ATR already features a fully animated, state-of-the-art external model.

When it comes to the interior and flight deck, it’s being made up to the same standard as the outside, and it’s also well advanced at this moment. Simmers will be able to walk along the cabin, a first for any “first-party” airplane, and there are also plenty of animations such as with the armrests and sun visors. An EFB is also being developed for the aircraft!

Asobo ATR MSFS 2

Asobo ATR MSFS 3

Asobo ATR MSFS 4

With a good part of the visuals now seemingly well-advanced, the work appears to now be focused on the flight model and systems of the aircraft. Simmers will be happy to know that this is being developed as a high-fidelity simulatior, with plenty of detail and depth on how it operates, such as realistic ITT behavior, fuel flow, and so on, “all within a few percent of the real values“, says Hans.

More specifically, concerning the systems’ simulations, there will be plenty of stuff to keep virtual pilots busy in the ATR. Hans shared a list of systems that are being implemented in the aircraft, which include a NAMS pressurization system, Thales FMS 200, TAWS, and even a Weather Radar. The full checklist system is also included.

The developers have a close collaboration with ATR in the development of this aircraft for MSFS. The manufacturer provided the team with extensive documentation to help in the development, in an enthusiastic close collaboration that is very refreshing to see from an official manufacturer.

Many of you have been wondering about the current status of this project, so here it is. It’s a little early to talk about release dates, even though the initial estimate pointed to sometime in 2022. It’s unclear if the ATR will be ready until the end of the year, but at least it’s good to get an update and see that things are evolving.

In the meantime, we may have news from the other ATR soon, so stay tuned for that!