flyLAT entering public beta in a few days. Here’s how it aims to revolutionize the virtual airline experience!

FlyLAT, the all-in-one application aiming to reinvent the virtual airline industry, recently announced a plethora of upcoming features set to further enhance its current offering for beta testers. The platform, designed to combine AI efficiency with human creativity, provides a platform for both businesses and simmers to optimize schedules and resources while taking on complex challenges and innovating strategies. FlyLAT is entering public beta “within a week or two”, according to the developer, so you’ll soon get the chance to see what the fuss is all about!

A recent live stream from the developers provided an overview of FlyLAT’s current capabilities and also an exciting look into some of the great new features being added with upcoming updates.

Managing Fleets and Hubs

A significant aspect of running a successful virtual airline lies in fleet and hub management. FlyLAT provides tools for users to purchase new aircraft, upgrade existing ones, and assign them to profitable routes. Strategic hub location selection is also a key feature, enabling users to maximize efficiency and bolster profits.

Crafting Profitable Routes

FlyLAT allows users to delve into the nuances of world economies and passenger demand to design routes that not only meet market needs but also generate substantial profits. The platform supports route adjustments based on changing demands and fosters efficiency through hub connections, ensuring competitiveness in the dynamic airline industry.

Cross-Simulation Compatibility

FlyLAT goes beyond traditional virtual airline systems by offering cross-simulation compatibility. Users can immerse themselves in the transportation of cargo using truck simulators and ferry farm produce through air transportation. The application aims to integrate with popular simulators like ETS2, ATS, and Farm Simulator, broadening the scope for virtual airline operations.

flylat coming soon msfs beta cross sim

Streamer-Friendly Features

For streamers, flyLAT provides a flight update toolbar and live map, allowing viewers to track flights in real-time on any web-enabled device without the need for additional applications.

A Personalized Company Website

FlyLAT also offers a unique custom company website feature, enabling users to easily showcase their virtual airlines. Users can customize their website within the flyLAT application or upload their own custom-made site, eliminating the need for domain purchases and web space.

Diverse Pilot Preferences

FlyLAT caters to a range of pilot preferences, offering several modes, including a freelance option. Pilots can embark on a career path even if they are not affiliated with a specific airline, fly for any airline as a freelancer, and earn money for themselves as well as the airline they choose to fly for.

CEO Partnerships and Custom Events

The platform supports CEO partnerships, allowing airlines to join forces, share resources, and increase their chances of success by sharing aircraft, hubs, routes, and employees. Users can also exercise their creativity by creating custom events and missions within the application, such as traveling around the world with their own set routes or completing contracts through missions.

flylat coming soon msfs beta plans

Third-Party Integration

FlyLAT enables third-party integration, allowing users to send notifications to Discord or Guilded servers using webhooks. Users with their own websites can request API data about their airline and pilots, enhancing connectivity and providing seamless integration.

The application is suitable for both frequent flyers and those new to virtual airline simulation. The features have been designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a manageable learning curve while hoping to provide a thrilling and rewarding experience for simmers looking to upgrade their simulation.

The FlyLAT closed beta trial, currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator users, is expected to continue for a few more weeks before launching publicly. As revealed before, the annual fee for CEOs is set at £34.99 for the first year, reducing to £9.99 when extending the subscription. Meanwhile, pilots can fly for free, making the platform accessible to a wide range of users.

FlyLAT’s team has expressed a commitment to continuously improve the system based on user feedback. The developer promises regular updates and enhancements to the system, ensuring that FlyLAT remains a valuable addition to the world of MSFS. Let’s see if FlyLAT is able to fulfill its promises to revolutionise the virtual airline experience as the platform continues to evolve and grow!