A2A Simulations has a Product Announcement scheduled for FSExpo this Friday

It’s no secret that A2A Simulations is on the verge of releasing its hugely-anticipated first aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Comanche 250 has been in development for quite a while, hoping to set the stone for A2A’s vision for the new simulator.

Last we heard, the team was prepping a series of tutorial videos about the aircraft, which said a lot about the state of the project just a few weeks ago. Today, we got a surprising addition to FSExpo’s Friday Seminars lineup: A2A will be live at the event, on June 23, for a mysterious ‘Product Announcement’!

This year’s FSExpo is set to be full of surprises, featuring announcements from prominent names in the flight simulation community like Microsoft, Thrustmaster, Honeycomb, and others. The full schedule for the event now has an exciting new addition as the organisers announced today that A2A Simulations has reserved a time slot for their own special announcement. This event is scheduled to occur in-person and online at the DoubleTree Houston Hobby from 1530 to 1550 CT on June 23.

A2A Comanche 250 for MSFS 3
One of the few preview images we’ve got so far from the Comanche 250.

The theme of A2A’s presentation is unknown, but we reckon there are two possible subjects: either a new product announcement or details about the Comanche 250, possibly showcasing its features and development status. A release announcement may also happen given that the whole package is in its very final testing phase.

Anyway, this is looking to be A2A’s time in the spotlight for the first time since Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in 2020. It’s bound to be a very interesting one and we’ll be there to bring you all the latest. Stay tuned!