The FlyingIron Simulations BF 109 G-6 lands June 14th on MSFS

June 12th, 19:00z – Our friend twotonemurphy was live on his Twitch channel previewing the Bf 109. It’s your best chance to watch this aircraft in action before its release this Wednesday. Check it out below!

It’s not exactly a secret that FlyingIron Simulations has been working on a legendary new aircraft, the BF 109 G-6. This project has been teased a couple of times already and followers of the developer’s Discord have been fortunate to grab a few sneak peaks into the ongoing development of the aircraft. Still, the team has confirmed that the highly anticipated BF 109 G-6 will be the next addition to their distinguished lineup of accurately modeled aircraft. The product of over nine months of intensive development, the BF 109 G-6 is slated for release on June 14th, with a Marketplace debut expected in the following weeks.

The Bf 109 is arguably Germany’s best-known aircraft and first made its mark during the Battle of Britain in World War II. It remains famous to this day for its pivotal role in the conflict. The BF 109 G-6, nicknamed “Gustav,” was among the best of the numerous models developed during the war. Introduced in the summer or fall of 1943, the G-6 was a single-engine, single-seat, low-wing fighter aircraft. With a wingspan of 9.92 m (32 ft 6 1/2 in), a length of 9.02 m (29 ft. 7 in), and a height of 3.4 m (11 ft. 2 in), the BF 109 G-6 was a force to be reckoned with!

FlyingIron Simulations is yet again looking to deliver an impeccably recreated aircraft for MSFS simmers. The team even counted on the invaluable insights of a true living legend of aviation: Walter Eichhorn!

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With over 300 hours flying the BF 109, Eichhorn is the most experienced pilot of this aircraft since the end of World War II. His extensive flying career spans a range of aircraft, including the Convair 340, Boeing 727, 737, 747, DC-10, Ju-52, AT-6, and many others. Notably, Eichhorn continues to fly daily with his Extra 350 at the age of 86. FlyingIron has stated that Eichhorn’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable in ensuring the authenticity of the BF 109 G-6 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlyingIron Simulations has a track record of delivering impressive aircraft for the simulator. Their Spitfire IX, P-38L, and F6F Hellcat are a testament to their dedication to quality and accuracy. With the BF 109 G-6, simmers can expect the same level of detail and immersion.

FlyingIron shared the first promotional screenshots of the aircraft on its social media, showcasing the incredible visuals that will accompany the Bf 109 once it lands in MSFS in just a few days. It looks absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait to see this mighty machine in the virtual skies. Check them out above and stay tuned for new updates very soon!