HPG announces the 747 SuperTanker: the world’s largest firefighting airplane!

In a surprising announcement, Hype Performance Group (HPG) has unveiled their latest creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s not a helicopter, it’s not a balloon… it’s a firefighting superjumbo! The HPG 747 SuperTanker promises to be a bold new addition to the simulator and is already slated for a release next Friday, June 16th!

HPG is taking a daring leap from its traditional forte of helicopters. With the 747 SuperTanker, they bring the world’s largest aerial firefighting aircraft to MSFS, providing simmers an exciting, unprecedented opportunity to fight wildfires and conduct marine oil spill cleanup operations.

The 747 SuperTanker, derived from various Boeing 747 models, is the largest aerial firefighting aircraft globally. With a capacity to carry up to 19,600 US gallons of fire retardant or water, it’s a monstrous machine for a role typically associated with much smaller planes. The aircraft is equipped with a pressurized liquid drop system, allowing for high-pressure dispersal of fire retardant or mimicking the speed of falling rain.

HPG 747 supertanker msfs 1.png

HPG 747 supertanker msfs 3.png

HPG 747 supertanker msfs 2.png

Hype Performance Group promises a very engaging flight experience for simmers, thanks to an in-built mission system. It’s an idea they already explored with the H145 with great success. Simmers can either fly the King Air 350i as a lead plane and direct AI-controlled SuperTankers to drop on mission targets or take control of the SuperTanker themselves for precise fire suppression or offshore cleanup efforts. Plus, the HPG Mission Editor allows the creation and import of custom missions via an easy-to-use graphical interface.

The HPG 747 SuperTanker is based on Asobo’s Boeing 747 and King Air 350i, expanding on their capabilities by the introduction of advanced systems and mission capabilities. Among the standout features are a realistic and functional CPS (Constant Pressure System) agent drop system, drop station panel for complete control over drop configurations, and custom ground handling services.


For the visually inclined, this addon promises to be a feast for the eyes. For starters, the iconic Global SuperTanker and Evergreen SuperTanker liveries are included in high fidelity. Additionally, custom visual effects for external valves, water and retardant drops, smoke, fires, and oil spills contribute to an incredibly immersive experience. Sound enthusiasts are also catered for, with custom crew and environmental sounds adding a layer of authenticity to the experience.

At a price of $19.99, the HPG 747 SuperTanker seems to represent an accessible and remarkable innovation in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with an action-focused package that will surely be highly entertaining and, in typical HPG fashion, well done and easy to use.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to take flight with the HPG 747 SuperTanker on Friday, June 16th! In the meantime, check out the impressive trailer video above to see this impressive add-on in action!