“The PMDG 737 looks absolutely sumptuous in MSFS” – first previews coming this month

Quite possibly the most highly anticipated aircraft right now for Flight Simulator is the Boeing 737NG3 from PMDG, which has been in the works for quite some time and has faced a few hurdles that sent its estimated release date for sometime later this year. In the latest update from PMDG’s Robert Randazzo, we learned that the project has slowed down a little in the last few weeks, but we should start to see the aircraft in MSFS during this month of September.

Like many other in-development aircraft for Flight Simulator, the 737 was also a victim of the massive changes introduced with Sim Update V on the underpinnings of Flight Simulator. Randazzo admits that PMDG was somewhat taken by surprise by such a big change with little time ahead to prepare for what was coming. This led to the need to have an entire focus on updating the DC-6, leaving the 737’s development a little behind. Hopefully, things will soon start to pick up pace again, also due to end of the summer holidays which has slowed down responsiveness across the entire development landscape.

With the promise to finally starting to unveil the 737, PMDG will soon be back under the spotlight of the entire MSFS community. While they won’t exactly be the very first publicly available images of the 737 for MSFS, the very few ones that we have right now are more than a year old. Randazzo hinted a few months ago about the release of videos about the 737, similarly to what was done lining up for the DC-6 release, and now he saysThe 737 looks absolutely sumptuous in MSFS and I am *pretty* sure we will start showing her to you this month…”. What’s in store for the next few weeks? A few screenshots, quickly followed by a bunch of videos showing the airplane in all it’s glory?


There’s definitely a degree of uncertainty about this, but one thing is certain: people will soon start to go crazy about this. Everyone wants to fly the 737!

The last quarter of 2021 promises to be a very busy time for Flight Simulator, with a number of high-profile releases. From the expected launch of the 737, to the Reno Air Races and Top Gun: Maverick expansion (this one will probably be postponed, as was the movie), Flight Simulator pilots have plenty to be excited about for the coming months. And what’s better to keep any pilot entertained than a new airliner full of in-depth systems to learn?