The Sim Skunk Works F-104G Starfighter is possibly coming to MSFS in October

A short update today regarding the ongoing development of the F-104G Starfighter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sim Skunk Works, the development studio behind this project, has revealed that the Starfighter will presumably be available until the end of October.

This is the first time we hear about an estimated release date for the Starfighter. On the developer’s Facebook page, it’s actually stated that the aircraft should have already been with us, but somehow got delayed for undisclosed reasons. In any case, October isn’t too far off, and this definitely looks like a very interesting project to bring to MSFS one of the coolest-looking airplanes ever.

Together with this estimated release date, we also got another short video showing the NASAR15 radar in action, similarly to what we saw on the previous development update. Sim Skunk Works preset this feature as a useful navigational aid, given its accurate depiction of the ground below. In the video, we can see aircraft approaching the Croatian coast, with the city of Zadar showing on the radar. Curiously, Zadar Airport was just released this week by Orbx. A mere coincidence!

The F-104G will surely be a great new addition to Flight Simulator. It comes from a developer with a proven track record for high-fidelity aircraft (the FIAT Aeritalia G-91 is a good example of that), and with its unique ground radar should prove to be a fun machine to tame in MSFS. With the real-world history that it carries behind, taming is something this Starfighter will definitely need!

Lockheed Starfighter MSFS 3