FlyByWire publishes A320neo Pilot Briefing with an interactive flight deck

FlyByWire continues to publish educational content that is proving to be very helpful for keen pilots wanting to learn more about the A32NX and how to operate it. The latest addition to this library of helpful guides is an interactive A320neo Pilot Briefing, which makes use of a clickable flight deck to give you detailed information about each panel.

This A320neo Pilot Briefing comes just a few weeks after FlyByWire released a Beginner’s Guide to the A32NX, which guides newcomers to the aircraft along the different stages of flight, from starting up the aircraft until the final steps to power it down after a flight. That was already a very helpful document that helped to understand where the most used buttons and switches were located. As a Beginner’s Guide, it was aimed at new users of the A32NX, but the newly released Pilot Briefing comes to fulfill the needs of more experienced pilots, who look to get a more in-depth understanding of all the buttons and switches that are present in the A320’s flight deck.

The great thing about this new reference tool for the A32NX is that it’s interactive, meaning that you can get a visual overview of the different panels, hover your mouse to get the name of each one, and finally click on your desired panel to get detailed information about its purpose.

flybywire a32nx pilot briefing

With this new reference material, FlyByWire wants to make sure that everyone can get acquainted with its airplane and learn what is needed to fully take advantage of all its features. Soon to be facing some stiff competition from the Fenix Simulations A320, while still keeping the A32NX a freeware project, releasing this kind of supplementary content is a good way to keep simmers engaged for the times ahead.

The A320neo Pilot Briefing is now available from FlyByWire’s website. It’s still a work in progress, with new chapters expected to be added over time.

As a side note, FlyByWire is also developing a freeware version of the Airbus A380. We recently saw some new images of that highly-anticipated aircraft in MSFS, whose development appears to be ramping up to a promised “flyable” version sometime later this year.