Orbx releases LDZD Zadar Airport for Flight Simulator

Orbx has released a new European airport for MSFS. Zadar Airport, in Croatia, has been developed by Rasha Tucakov, and is located in Croatia’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It comes shortly after the release of Split Airport, also in Croatia, so pilots in this region have suddenly been presented by two quality airport releases from Orbx.

Zadar Airport (LDZD) is located in a region that has become a popular tourist destination in Europe. The Adriatic Sea and the region of Dalmatia are served by flights from all across Europe, and Zadar Airport is well located to handle many of them.

LDZD is used by a mix of civilian and military aircraft, as it’s home to the Croatian Air Force. You will find here unique static aircraft in an accurate airport layout that makes use of PBR textures, as we would expect from a new airport for MSFS.

But there’s more besides the depiction of the airport itself. The nearby city of Zadar, which gives the airport its name, has also been enhanced with the addition of some of its most important landmarks. Zadar is a city with a very rich history, so the developer added some points of interest such as the Land Gate and the Church of St Donatus, which is now more than a thousand years old. But other more modern features have also been added, like the Kresimir Cosic Sports Hall and the Gradski Bazen public pool.

LDZD Zadar Airport is looking to be another interesting airport that should please those flying in this region of Europe, and is now available from Orbx Direct for around 14€.

Zadar Airport MSFS 7

Zadar Airport MSFS 6

Zadar Airport MSFS 5

Zadar Airport MSFS 3 1

Zadar Airport MSFS 2 1

Zadar Airport MSFS 1

Main Features

  • Full PBR
  • Unique static aircraft 
  • From developer Rasha Tucakov
  • Custom POIs across the city of Zadar
  • Detailed depiction of Croatia’s 4th busiest airport
  • Custom weather-influenced ground polygon with unique textures and markings