Synaptic Simulations Announces Payware Shift for its Airbus A220 and Collaboration with iniBuilds

Remember Synaptic Simulations, the team of developers that has been diligently working on a freeware Airbus A220 (A22X) for Microsoft Flight Simulator? This is a project we’ve previously discussed, but it seemed to have hit a standstill, with minimal updates for nearly a year. However, this week, we finally heard back from Synaptic, announcing a significant shift in the project’s scope. The product will now be released as payware, in collaboration with iniBuilds!

Transition to Paid Model

Synaptic shared a statement with the community on their own platforms and through iniBuilds, revealing their decision to transition the A22X from a free and open-source model to a paid add-on. This shift is rooted in a deep understanding of the project’s potential and the escalating demands of its development.

Collaboration with iniBuilds

Alongside the move to a payware model, Synaptic Simulations also announced a partnership with iniBuilds. This collaboration aims to “elevate the Synaptic A22X to new heights in terms of quality,” as stated by the team. It also hopes to expedite the development process. This strategic partnership will leverage iniBuilds’ expertise and resources, promising an unparalleled Airbus A220 experience.

Release on Xbox

In conjunction with these developments, it was also announced that the A22X will be available for the Xbox edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The desktop version will be exclusively sold through the iniBuilds Store, while the Xbox edition will be accessible via the Microsoft Marketplace. The initial release will feature the A22X-300 variant, with the A22X-100 and ACJ variants planned as free upgrades for base package customers at a later date.

At this point, it’s uncertain if iniBuilds will play a direct role in the development of the A22X, but they are likely to have a significant supporting role. The studio, a powerhouse in Microsoft Flight Simulator development, is evidently keen to expand its range of Airbus airliners for the simulator. Recall their successful releases of the A300, A310, and the recent announcements of the A350 and A380.

While some in the community may feel disappointed by the project’s shift from a freeware model, this change could ensure that the Synaptic A22X doesn’t end up as vaporware, a fate all too common among ambitious freeware projects.

Let’s watch how this partnership evolves and what new developments it brings in the months ahead. Stay tuned!