Bluebird Simulations Posts Update on the 757 and 767 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Bluebird Simulations is advancing their development of two highly anticipated airliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Boeing 757 and the 767. These projects, which have been in development for some time, recently received a comprehensive update from Bluebird’s CEO, Shervin Ahoo. He highlighted the challenges, technical advancements, and future plans for these ambitious projects.

The 757 Project: Challenges and Progress

The 757 project has been a journey of resilience and adaptation. The unexpected departure of Eric, the chief programmer, in 2023 posed a significant challenge, particularly given his crucial role in coding and avionics development. This setback, however, led to a dynamic shift in the project’s direction. Bluebird Simulations expanded its programming team, welcoming three new programmers. This expansion brought new perspectives and led to a unanimous decision to revamp the existing codebase. The team transitioned from JavaScript to WebAssembly, a move that delayed the project but promised a more robust and efficient framework for their ambitious simulation model.

Virtual Cockpit and Avionics

Shervin shared that the 757 has made remarkable progress, especially in the virtual cockpit and avionics. The team has dedicated considerable effort to reworking the cockpit, focusing on accuracy and immersion down to the finest details. Every component, including individual screws, has been meticulously examined and redesigned.

The avionics system has undergone a major transformation. Emphasizing pixel-perfect mapping and accurate font styles, sizes, and symbols, the team has significantly enhanced the realism of the displays. Advanced features, such as the IRS system, demonstrate the depth of the simulation, with detailed system interactions and responses.

bluebird boeing 757 msfs 7

bluebird boeing 757 msfs 5

bluebird boeing 757 msfs 6

The project has progressed so well that the scope has expanded, with the Bluebird 757 now aiming to be a high-fidelity airliner, surpassing its initial “mid-level” status.

Sounds from Boris Audio Works and Visual Enhancements

Boris Vanian of Boris Audio Works is collaborating on this ambitious addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Focused on creating an authentic soundscape for the 757, Boris is also involved in other notable projects, including the COWS DA42, the Blacksquare Duke and Turbine Duke, among others.

Visually, the 757 has undergone extensive enhancements, with significant time invested in reworking textures and cockpit details to closely resemble the actual aircraft.

bluebird boeing 757 msfs 3

767 Development and Unique Features

Developed alongside the 757, the Bluebird 767 is a separate, ambitious endeavor. While sharing some commonalities with the 757, the 767 features distinct differences, especially in its cockpit design and other unique characteristics.

Xbox Release and Cargo Variant

Bluebird Simulations is catering to both PC and Xbox users, with plans for an Xbox release, though some features may be limited due to platform constraints. Additionally, a cargo variant of the 757 is in development. This paid expansion will also include free enhancements for existing passenger versions.

bluebird boeing 757 msfs 4

Navigraph Integration

Recognizing the importance of Navigraph integration for complex commercial aircraft in MSFS, Bluebird Simulations has included this popular service in their upcoming aircraft. Navigraph will facilitate the seamless integration of comprehensive flight data into Bluebird’s EFB and flight management systems.

Release Plans for MSFS 2020 and MSFS 2024

Finally, Shervin revealed plans to release the 757 for the current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 Edition), with a free upgrade for MSFS 2024. However, no specific release schedule has been committed to, so further patience is required. As for the 767, detailed previews are expected later this year or in early 2025.