Watch this preview of the stunning COWS Diamond DA-42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

COWS (Creator of Worlds) is gearing up to launch their first aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Diamond DA-42. Earlier this month, they sparked excitement with a teaser video, setting high expectations for their debut that comes with a spec list that’s impressive across the board.

Indications of an imminent release are strong right now, especially since this week we’ve begun seeing the first previews from community content creators. One of them comes from our friend Twotonemurphy, who has spent some quality time with the airplane, sharing his very positive first impressions!

Twotonemurphy has given us a closer look at the upcoming Diamond DA-42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, emphasizing its advanced capabilities and realism. The initial reactions are overwhelmingly positive. It seems that the COWS DA-42 is a sophisticated simulation of this popular twin-engined aircraft, detailed and accurate, with an exceptional visual model both inside and out, paired with high-fidelity sounds.

The COWS DA-42 promises to be a very realistic aircraft. The flight model, for instance, has been developed with extensive input from actual DA-42 instructors and students and features accurate physics and detailed animations of crucial components like elevators, rotors, and ailerons.

A standout aspect of this virtual aircraft is its exceptional visual fidelity. The use of 4K textures throughout the aircraft provides remarkable detail, lifelike surfaces, and reflections. The exterior model, crafted with numerous reference pictures, and the interior options, which feature moderate to heavy wear, create an immersive and authentic experience. The photorealistic overlays in the texturing process further enhance the lifelike quality of the simulation.

COWS Diamond DA 42 MSFS preview 2

COWS Diamond DA 42 MSFS preview 4

COWS Diamond DA 42 MSFS preview 5

The developers seem clearly dedicated to offering simmers a highly immersive aircraft that will maintain high levels of engagement. Advanced aircraft systems include a comprehensive electrical system with realistic failure scenarios and circuit breakers, a custom gear pump simulation for emergency scenarios, a de-icing system, responsive custom lighting that adjusts according to the system voltage, and much more!

The engine simulation is another highlight, offering detailed mappings and simulations of manifold pressure, fuel injection, and turbo systems. The package also includes custom cooling systems for oil and water and responds authentically to various scenarios like oil and fuel starvation, mimicking real-world aircraft behavior.

During our recent interview with Boris Vanian, we learned that the talented audio technician was working on the sounds of the DA-42. This is promising, and early impressions from Twotonemurphy’s stream leave no room for doubt: the sounds of this DA-42 will greatly enhance the immersion when flying this aircraft. They are very dynamic, varying based on different flight conditions.

COWS Diamond DA 42 MSFS preview 6

COWS Diamond DA 42 MSFS preview 3

The whole preview is highly recommended to watch as it takes us through the pre-flight, all the way to takeoff and landing. In the middle, we even get the chance to see how the aircraft behaves when one engine fails, how it immediately reacts to the loss of power on one side, and even how it’s possible to restart the engine just by taking advantage of airflow moving through the propeller. Very cool!

Currently in the preview phase, the COWS Diamond DA-42 appears to be nearing completion, though no official release date or pricing details have been announced. As always, we’ll let you know!