The DC-6 from PMDG gets its first update with multiplayer and stability improvements

The spectacular release of the DC-6 from PMDG may very well be a watershed moment for aircraft add-ons for Flight Simulator, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Especially after the launch, any product is bound to get some fixes and improvements based on customer feedback, and the DC-6 is no exception. Now, a week after the arrival of the DC-6 to the MSFS hangar, PMDG has released the first in a series of planned updates for the aircraft with the goal to fix some initial problems that pilots have been facing.

PMDG’s goal at this early stage of the DC-6 life is to eliminate issues that hinder user experience and enjoyment of the airplane. This includes the introduction of stability improvements and fixes to CTD’s and unexpected behaviors. Once the developers have a clear idea of the stability of the DC-6 following these initial updates, then they will start working on any necessary enhancements in the simulation itself.


That said, this first update is mainly destined to fix problems with the multiplayer experience as well as with an improper implementation of LOD’s, which was leading to performance issues and crashes. This was the “meat” of the update and should enable the DC-6 to behave properly in a multiplayer environment, both as an active aircraft and as AI.

Besides these two most important enhancements to the DC-6, this update also brings the implementation of some suggestions from pilots, mostly minor things such as visual fixes in the cockpit and exterior model or new instructions for Mouse Options in order to avoid false positives from antivirus.

With this update, the DC-6 for MSFS now sits at version 2.00.0025, and it’s available to install through the PMDG Operations Center app. Just make sure to install any update that may be available for the PMDG Operations Center before going ahead and installing any DC-6 update.