(Released) SoFly Introduces Aircraft Lighting Pro to Enhance Default Aircraft Lights in MSFS

Update, January 25th – As promised, SoFly has just released this mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator that improves the lighting on default aircraft. It’s available now on SoFly and Orbx for $9.99 USD. A version for PC and Xbox is also coming to the Marketplace soon.

SoFly has a brand new mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The company, known for the most comprehensive Guide to Flight Simulator, Weather Preset Pro, Landing Challenge Pro, Animals for MSFS, and others, is now focusing on enhancing all default aircraft in MSFS with a range of upgraded lighting effects.

Aircraft Lighting Pro aims to make default aircraft lighting more vibrant and realistic. It enhances a variety of lighting elements, including taxi lights, takeoff lights, and navigational aids, with a focus on replicating real-world aviation lighting.

The addon’s developers have emphasized realism and meticulous design in their approach. SoFly’s goals are straightforward: to provide MSFS simmers with improved lights that are both more realistic and effective, enhance the simulator’s visual beauty, and achieve this with minimal performance impact.

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 6

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 4

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 3

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 1

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 7

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 5

SoFly aircraft lighting pro MSFS 9


  • Immersive lighting sets that enhance realism
  • Custom texture and effect sets redefining aircraft lighting
  • Impacts all default Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft
  • Changes navigation, beacon, strobe, taxi, and take-off/landing lights
  • Single package installation for convenience
  • Super performance-friendly
  • Free updates planned to include more aircraft

Aircraft Lighting Pro is available now, priced at £7.99 and $9.99 USD (excluding taxes) through Orbx and SoFly, with plans to expand to PC and Xbox via Marketplace soon.