SimWorks Studios is Back to Work on the Van’s RV-8 and GA8 Airvan for MSFS

SimWorks Studios (SWS) recently celebrated the release of their PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an aircraft that was very well received by the community. Despite this milestone, the team isn’t resting on their laurels and is already planning their next projects, which are set to be the Van’s RV-8 and the GA-8 Airvan. Both have been announced previously and are now receiving the attention they deserve, leading towards their eventual completion.

SimWorks Studios is no stranger to creating Van’s Aircraft models for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their RV-10 and RV-14 have been available for some time, and the team is now adding the RV-8 to this lineup.

According to the latest development update from SWS, the visuals for the RV-8 are now complete. The team is fine-tuning the final aspects of the aircraft’s interactive elements and addressing minor bugs to enhance the user experience.

An earlier image of the SWS RV-8.

A key feature of this product will be the inclusion of an analog cockpit layout, reflecting the community’s interest in traditional avionics. For those who prefer a more modern avionics solution, the RV-8 will also be equipped with Garmin’s G3X touch system.

In an effort to ensure authenticity, the flight model of the RV-8 is being validated through rigorous testing, including input from an experienced RV-8 pilot. This collaboration aims to replicate the real aircraft’s behavior as closely as possible in the simulator. Following these refinements, SimAcoustics will begin their work on the aircraft’s audio, focusing on creating a realistic audio experience for MSFS simmers.

Next, the GA-8 Airvan. After a period of inactivity since it was first unveiled back in 2022, this model has undergone a comprehensive redesign, likely to bring it up to SWS’s increasing standards. The team says the exterior model of the aircraft is now complete, and efforts are now concentrated on developing the cockpit. The Airvan will be powered by a non-turbocharged Lycoming IO-540 engine and will be available in both commuter and cargo configurations.

Simworks Studios Airvan MSFS
The Airman’s 3D model has been completely redesigned.

Despite the project’s extensive redevelopment, significant components such as the code, flight model, and engine have been near completion for approximately two years. The sound recordings for the Airvan have also already been finalized. The studio anticipates a quick assembly and development process once the PC-12 project is fully wrapped up, positioning the GA-8 Airvan as the next release following the completion of the RV-8.

These updates from SimWorks Studios on their Van’s RV-8 and GA-8 Airvan for Microsoft Flight Simulator provide a clear view of the developer’s plans for the coming months. However, we never know when a surprise might show up at the door… After all, SWS is also known to be working on the Kodiak 900, the TBM 850/910/960, and even the Boeing 727-200, this last one in collaboration with FSReborn.