iniBuilds releases v1.1.0 update for New York JFK Airport with optimisations for low-end systems

If you’ve been flying in and out of New York’s JFK Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’re already aware of the incredible detail and realism that iniBuilds brought to the table with their initial release. Today, we have some great news for you: iniBuilds has just rolled out version 1.1.0 of their JFK scenery, and it’s packed with improvements that promise to enhance your experience, particularly if you’re on a lower-end system.

The highlight of this update is its focus on performance optimization. If you’ve been struggling with stutters or lower frame rates, iniBuilds has made several adjustments to LOD models and textures, ensuring that the scenery is more forgiving on less powerful hardware. This can be a game-changer for those who want to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of JFK but have been prevented from taking full advantage of the scenery due to the heavy impact on the system.

Besides performance optimisations, KJFK v1.1.0 also fixes a few bugs and adds some missing elements like lights and ground markings.

iniBuilds KJFK 1 1 update msfs 2.png

iniBuilds notes that simmers must remove the default Asobo airport from the Content Manager in order to prevent conflicts. They also recommend users consider lowering the terrain level of detail and disabling any options that they find unnecessary. These steps will help you get the most out of the new update, especially in if stutters have been experienced with the scenery.

v1.1.0 changelog:

  • Improvements to, or adding of, LOD models.
  • Addition of LOD textures.
  • Removal of unused materials.
  • General tidy up of materials and geometry.
  • Adjustment of LOD values.
  • Rail/road network now fully lodded and separated into smaller models.
  • Missing night lighting T4 [added new mast lights].
  • Interior doesn’t load in when spawning at A47 (and close by).
  • Departure area of T4 causing abnormally high GPU load.
  • Taxiway signs not illuminated at night.
  • Terrain dip around ZA/YA.
  • Bumps on next to runway 31R.
  • Bumps in runway fixed.
  • ADDED: taxiway lines/parking added and updated next to T8 Parking 16-18.
  • ADDED:  ramp parking 1A to 1D (T8).
  • Fixed LOD no parallax issue on TWA Hotel.
  • Fixed parallax flicker on T5 windows.
  • Fixed geometry flicker on some T8 windows.

The v1.1.0 update is available for download via the iniManager.