FSimStudios releases Winnipeg International Airport for MSFS

Continuing with their tradition of releasing Canadian airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSimStudios launched this week their newest creation: Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG). Nestled about 8 kilometers from the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, this is the seventh busiest airport in Canada, having welcomed over 3 million passengers in 2022.

The unique geographical positioning of Winnipeg International makes it a convenient point of departure and arrival for both domestic and international travelers. Home to airlines like Calm Air, Perimeter Airlines, Flair Airlines, and the cargo magnate Cargojet, it’s also a significant focus city for WestJet. The airport shares its location with the Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg, further augmenting its importance on both civilian and military fronts.

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FSimStudios’ rendition of Winnipeg International includes bespoke high-quality texturing sprawling across the airport’s expanse and a meticulously crafted terminal building with fully modeled interiors (which can be toggled off for better performance). This recreation extends beyond the terminal to encompass all airport buildings, objects, and surroundings.

A noteworthy mention is the detailed modeling of the Turbine Testing Facility, a vivid recreation of both the old and new Western Canada Aviation Museum, and even an iconic Tim Hortons situated on RWY36. The Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg, complete with static C130s, also showcases FSimStudios’ dedication to portraying a holistic image of the airport and its adjoining military base.

FSimStudios Winnipeg International Airport is available now for MSFS, priced at $18.99 USD.

FSimStudios Winnipeg Airport MSFS 1

FSimStudios also shared insights on their development journey amidst the rapidly evolving flight simulation market dynamics. A recent announcement made via the developer’s social media shed light on the challenging market conditions, spurred by heightened competition and market saturation, which have forced some seasoned developers to either cancel projects or diversify their product lines. According to FSimStudios, this scenario has birthed a culture where being the first to the market often overshadows quality.

This led to a strategic shift in FSimStudios’ roadmap. Initially, Montreal was poised to be the next big release; however, recognizing the market’s penchant for new content, the focus was realigned to Winnipeg International. This airport, being smaller, served as a fertile testing ground for new development techniques, envisioned for future projects.

FSimStudios emphasized that they are in no way shelving the Montreal project. They’ve invested significantly in it and acknowledge the downside of cancellation over continuation. Their aim is clear: to compete, they must innovate and raise the bar. Winnipeg International Airport is a step towards this vision, offering a glimpse into what’s on the horizon for MSFS enthusiasts.

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