FSDG releases Victoria Falls Airport, your gateway to one of the world’s largest waterfalls

Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) released this week their rendition of Victoria Falls Airport (FVFA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located just a few miles away from the world-famous waterfall, this airport should go along nicely with the existing Victoria Falls scenery by Jeppeson2001, which focuses on the waterfall itself and surrounding areas.

The digital rendition by FSDG aims to replicate the airport’s real-world modern facilities. The new terminal, equipped with three jetway bridges, is designed to accommodate over a million passengers annually. Additionally, the updated fire station and ATC tower contribute to portraying the airport as future-ready.

Key features of this product include an accurate and realistic portrayal of the airport, an authentic light environment, and the incorporation of MSFS technologies like dynamic lighting, reflective textures, and animated jetways. The release is optimized for a balance between visual appeal and performance efficiency. Furthermore, it’s compatible with known add-ons such as GSX and the aforementioned Victoria Falls scenery package.

FSDG Victoria Falls Airport MSFS 3

A manual is included in the package to guide users through the new features and provide necessary information for navigating the new scenery.

Victoria Falls is one of the greatest natural features and is a must-see if anyone ever has the opportunity to travel there. Notably, in MSFS, this is much easier! So why not take your favorite airplane deep into Africa’s incredible landscapes and discover this stunning destination?

FSDG’s Victoria Falls Airport is available now for MSFS and will set you back just around €13,99.

FSDG Victoria Falls Airport MSFS 2

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