Burning Blue Design releases EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield for MSFS

Burning Blue Design is on a roll with UK airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, delivering new monthly releases like clockwork. This month, the team is out with another quaint little airfield: Little Gransden Airfield.

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield is located just a few miles north of Duxford Aerodrome, which you can also get for MSFS in a very detailed freeware rendition. EGMJ is a quaint little airfield, with a grass runway and a few supporting structures.

Yak UK Ltd calls Little Gransden Airfield home, importing, selling, and servicing Yakovlev aircraft for the UK public. It’s also home to the annual Little Gransden Air and Car Show, raising money for needy children.

This little airfield is also home to the Two Two Fly flight and training club and to the Global Stars Aerobatic Flying, who perform at air shows across the world.

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 7

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 6

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 5

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 4

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 2

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield MSFS 1

As usual with Burning Blue Design, we are looking at another custom-built and charming location full of details. The developers recreated EGMJ with dozens of unique 3D objects, an accurate grass strip, detailed hangars with modeled interiors, animated doors, static aircraft and cars, and more!

EGMJ Little Gransden Airfield should be another great addition to your collection of small British airfields in MSFS, and it’s available now through Orbx Direct for just around £11.

Main features:

  • Over 70 custom 3D objects each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures
  • Accurate runway and taxiway with authentic taxi signage
  • Highly detailed hangars with modelled interiors
  • Animated hangar doors which close at night (Parking spots 1, 2 and 5 – open manually with Taxi Lights)
  • Completely custom windsock
  • Dynamic visitors change depending on the time of day
  • Static aircraft include Yakovlev YAK-12 and YAK-52’s and a Global Stars Aerobatic team Extra 330LT
  • Two classic British cars in honour of the car shows held here; a Rover 2000TC and a Triumph TR6
  • Full night lighting and dynamic weather compatibility
  • Enhanced high resolution colour corrected ground textures