MK Studios and RDPresets compete for the best version of Girona Airport for MSFS

MSFS simmers who were looking to get a detailed rendition of LEGE Girona Airport, in Catalonia (Spain) suddenly found themselves in an unexpected predicament. Two different development teams, MK Studios and RDPresets, released their own vision for this airport on the exact same day, leaving simmers with uncertainty about which one to get!

First, It’s worth noting that Girona Airport is the second largest in Catalonia, after Barcelona’s El Prat International Airport. It’s seen as an alternative to the larger and busier airport in the capital, despite distancing around 70 km from the city. It gained popularity during the 2000s as Ryanair began operations at Girona, but has since seen dwindling passenger numbers as the low-cost company shifted focus back to El-Prat.

Nowadays, Girona Airport continues to be used by Ryanair for certain routes, but also by other airlines such as TUI, Transavia, or Jet2, with seasonal flights to other European destinations.

As for the new airport renditions for Microsoft Flight Simulator, there’s one immediate difference between the two, which is the price. MK Studios version comes at a more affordable 13€, while RDPresets’ will set you back 20€.

Obviously, the main question is: which one is the best? We can hardly answer that question at this point, as we haven’t had the chance to try either of them… however, it seems safe to say you’ll be covered with either version!

Girona MK Studios MSFS 1

Girona MK Studios MSFS 2

Girona MK Studios MSFS 3

Girona MK Studios MSFS 4

Girona MK Studios MSFS 5

Girona MK Studios MSFS 6

Based on the official product images shared by both teams, Girona Airport has been well-represented in both even if RDPresets’ version seems to have a slight upper hand in terms of the overall look and authenticity of the scenery. Will that be enough to justify the higher price? We’ll let you judge based on the promotional materials…

Girona Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator can now be yours from either RDPresets or MK Studios.