This impressive EGSU Duxford Airfield scenery is one of the best freeware airports for MSFS

It’s well known that the freeware community is Microsoft Flight Simulator is thriving, with a constant stream of great new add-ons that enhance the platform in many new ways. New airports are often where this work is more clearly seen, and today we bring you a brand new project that proves how generous these talented developers can be: Duxford Airfield, in the UK, has been totally overhauled into a highly detailed and accurate scenery for MSFS, and it doesn’t cost a dime!

EGSU Duxford Airfield is a creation of developer ChicoMick, and it’s actually been available for MSFS since last October. This week, however, the developer released a new “Complete” version of the scenery, with all the buildings of the Duxford War Museum, which includes Duxford Airfield and the War Museum. All in all, this is Europe’s largest air museum, a rich scenery with plenty of amazing things to see both in the real-world and now in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developer says this is literally a “Virtual Duxford”, such is the detail that has been put into this scenery. All the buildings in the premises of the Duxford War Museum have been re-created in great detail, along with impressive models of the British Airliner Collection and many other authentic features across the entire scenery.

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 8

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 7

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 5

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 4

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 3

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 2

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 1

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 11

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 10

egsu duxford airfield freeware msfs 9

Here’s some advice: get into the drone camera, slow it down to walking pace, and do a virtual tour of this stunning site, almost as if you’re strolling across the actual location. Then, hop into that Spitfire, and fly away!

Given the detailed assets included in this package, the developer warns that a good system is needed to experience a decent performance. For those with a less powerful PC, the older “lite” Duxford Airfield scenery remains available, albeit it’s less detailed.

Duxford Airfield for MSFS doesn’t include night lighting. After all, the runway is not licensed for night operations, and the Museum is only open during the day, so it makes no sense to add a non-existing feature in a product that aims for authenticity.

This is a true labor of love that puts to shame many payware airports, and it’s well worth a look. It’s just filled with a ridiculous amount of details that deserve to be discovered, and for the price of FREE, there’s no reason not to check this out. It may very well be your new home as you explore the UK!

EGSU Duxford Airfield COMPLETE EDITION is now available through